Our History

Early History

The Armuchee Baptist Church was organized in the swelling of Jesse New on April 14, 1838. This house was located one mile north of Crystal Springs, Georgia.

The original membership was composed of seventeen members, two of whom, were colored, presumable slaves. The membership named E. Lumpkin as moderator and Wiley Selman as clerk. A church house was built on the creek bank and when it became too small, a larger house which would accommodate over two hundred people was constructed. This house was completed in 1859. These houses were built by voluntary contribution of labor and were constructed of hewn logs.

All adult males were required to aid in the support of the church. In case one could not pay, he was assisted by the church until he could enjoy the pleasure of giving.

The colored people were allowed space in the church, about one-fourth of the floor. They continued with us until they were freed in 1865.

Services were conducted once a month, with business meetings being held on the Saturday preceeding. About that time there were several white churches built around the county, drawing groups from our church, which ended the need for more housing room.

This church has always stood high in all associations. It was a member of the Coosa, Oostanaula, Cave Springs and Floyd County Associations.

When this church had reached its highest peak, it was struck by the Civil War. Twenty members volunteered to go to war, eight of whom never returned. There were at least two occasions on which church services were not held because of the nearness of the enemy. After the war was over, a great revival was held. Sixty-five members were added to the membership.

Recent History

Throughout the years since the Civil War, our church has continued to prosper and serve as a witness to our community. For many years services were held every other Sunday, but in 1957, the church voted to have full-time services. At this time the Reverend Winston Barton was called as pastor. Pastors since that time have included Paul Camp, Ray Allen, Bobby Wood, Dr. J.E. Dillard, Gene Primm, Dr. A,B, Cas (Pastor Emeritus), and Winston Barton, who returned for a second time.

Some remodeling work was done to the church from 1955-1957. Four classrooms, a pulpit and a choir loft were constructed. In 1959, two classrooms were added to the front of the church. A pastorium was built in 1966, and an educational building was completed in 1971. On October 31, 1976, dedication services were held for the newly remodeled sanctuary.

In 1980 a bus was purchased to expand our outreach program, and in the summer of 1984, a van was purchased. In the summer of 1984, the church sponsored its first mission trip to the state of New York. Fourteen of our members participated. Their primary purpose was to conduct Vacation Bible School in this pioneer area. 

In 1985, the Christian Life Center was complete. It includes rooms for Bible study, two restrooms, a kitchen and a full-sized gymnasium, which can also be used as a fellowship hall.

In 1987, in addition to the pastor, the church staff included a minister of music, a minister of youth, pianist and organist.